Help Make Dreams Come True

Every year, SCORE volunteers help thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow small businesses. Volunteering at SCORE is a way for you to give back, connect with fellow business owners, and share your knowledge with others.

SCORE Volunteers Contribute

What is a typical SCORE volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers to compliment our existing team of members. Our members come from a wide diversity of backgrounds and each has his/her own reason for joining SCORE. A significant number of volunteers would like to concentrate on helping aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and launch a new business. Other are helping with other aspects of SCORE’s Mission. Some needed skills include:

  • Seminar/workshop management
  • Office administration
  • Internet technical expertise
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Fund-raising
  • Fluency in the Spanish language

How DO I Contact SCORE Coachella Valley to Volunteer?

We recommend that you begin by:

  1. Calling the SCORE Office-760-773-6507 or
  2. Registering and completing an application

After you apply, you will have the opportunity to get to know the local SCORE chapter by meeting with our membership coordinator and other mentors as well as attending a monthly chapter meeting. You will then be asked to participate in a short interview process where you and SCORE can ensure that there is a good fit. Once a chapter admits you as a volunteer, you will be invited to participate in SCORE’s volunteer orientation and training program. You will have a chance to learn more about SCORE’s services, goals and leadership opportunities. All business mentors honor a code of ethics that ensures client confidentiality and professional conduct.


Do I have to be retired to join SCORE?

No. Both retired and working professionals are welcome in SCORE, provided that no SCORE member may provide services to our small business clients for monetary consideration.

How do I become an active SCORE Volunteer?

Before you begin the membership process, we want you to have the opportunity to learn more about SCORE and what is required from our members. For example, on average our members provide over 100 hours of volunteer service per year. We want all of our members to be active, attend monthly chapter meetings, and find SCORE personally satisfying. The initial meeting, typically at our Palm Desert office, provides an informal venue to ask questions and exchange information about what SCORE does and what we expect from our members.

Why do new SCORE members participate in a training program?

The orientation and training program permits the new member to understand SCORE's mission, services, and opportunities with the organization. The Program provides guidance on how to be a good business mentor and how to develop good listening, interviewing and problem-solving habits. Also, the training process is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with your fellow volunteers as we often refer clients to each other for specific skills, contacts or backgrounds.