“George, you don’t have a business until you stop selling and they start buying!” That was some of the best business advice I ever received.

Every business makes most, if not all, of its profit from repeat customers-the ones who pick up the phone and call you whenever they need your product or service. Your competitors are just wasting their time knocking on their doors.

The current so-so business climate has proven once again that the companies that thrive and prosper in good times, and come through the bad times in good shape, are the ones who consistently satisfy their customers.

Here are some of the ways you can put your customers where they belong: at the very center of everything your organization stands for and works toward. That’s when you stop selling and they start buying!

  1. Remember your customer’s (present, former, or potential) point of view. It’s really very simple:

Your only reason for being in business is to satisfy your customer’s wants and needs. Period.

  1. You must offer your customers Value. Your customers define value as the benefit they receive minus the cost. And, in their mind “cost” is not only money!
  2. Some of the other “costs”: time, incomplete or hard to understand information, poor quality, back orders, dealing with uninformed or surly personnel are just some of the other “costs” in your customer’s minds.
  3. No compromise: Either customer satisfaction and loyalty are primary or don’t waste your time. Your entire organization and whole process by which you create and deliver your product or service must support that concept.
  4. Conduct a Customer Service Audit of your organization every few months. Keep asking “How can we make it easier for our customers or clients to do business with us?” Ask your employees. Survey your customers. Remember, Pay Attention to Your Customers and They’ll Pay Attention to You

A Coachella Valley SCORE Mentor can help you conduct your Customer Service Audit. Coachella Valley SCORE Mentors have hundreds of years of combined business experience. Take advantage of this free service by calling 760-773-6507.

George Karlin, SCORE Mentor–Pay Attention to Your Customers and They’ll Pay Attention to You