The Good Old Days Are Gone….Forever: George Karlin, SCORE Mentor Emeritus

Management Style

We used to think that working long hours and giving directions to people who followed them without question or hesitation was the way to succeed. “The harder I work the luckier I get”! was our motto. As a matter of fact, those who worked the hardest and put in the longest hours were usually very successful.

Times have changed! The Good Old Days Are Gone….Forever .Now we have to realize that with the rapidly changing world we live in, no one person can keep up with or do everything. Now, we must surround ourselves with the very best people and learn how to empower them to do the job without a lot of everyday guidance from us.

Human Resources

No longer is Human Resources a job for the bookkeeper or the boss’ assistant. Today entrepreneurial companies need a trained Human Resources Director to keep abreast of the government directives and regulations, to develop an employee manual and keep it up to date, keep track of employee benefits and health plan, and the like. In addition, it is essential that the Human Resources Director must have an effective Human Resources organization containing one or more experienced individuals that continually make themselves available to provide highly effective Human Relations support.

It’s One World..and It’s Getting Smaller

Every day the world gets smaller. Everyone is feeling the effect of international competition. It’s hard to believe how far the Internet and Social Media have affected the way we do business in just the last few years. One thing is certain..dramatic change for the way you do business will continue and accelerate during the next few years! The Good Old Days Are Gone….Forever


Today we don’t just write orders, we build relationships. The world used to be divided into vendors and customers, now we are all “partners”.

Quality Management

“Good enough” is no long viable. The trend to quality is one of the best things that has happened to business in the last two or three decades. This trend will grow as more and more of your “partner” customers and clients insist upon it. If you don’t have a consistent Quality Management Program in effect today you are already behind your competition.

Customer Service

No more lip service to the words “the customer is always right!” Today, it’s a fact. The businesses that will grow and thrive in the future will be the ones who are focused on just one thing: satisfying their customers 100% of the time. Nordstrom, Costco, and Amazon are but three examples of companies that followed this principle and are successful and growing in today’s difficult, ever changing business climate.

You Are Not Alone

You don’t have to prepare your business for the future all by yourself. The Coachella Valley SCORE organization is composed of retired executives with many years of varied experience in large and small entrepreneurial companies. Working in conjunction with the Small Business Administration the mentors at SCORE Coachella Valley can help your business grow and thrive now and in the future. And, best of all the service is free. Call today for an appointment 760-773-6507.

The Good Old Days Are Gone….Forever