What Business Owners MUST Know About the Mental Health Outcomes from COVID May 18, 2021, 1:00pm EDT May 18, 2021, 1:00pm EDT
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To ensure the good health of your business, it is critical that you are aware of and appropriately addressing the mental health outcomes from COVID and other simultaneous stressors.

The emergence of chronic conditions are expressing themselves in performance, morale and employee relationships, including: anxiety, depression, trauma, new and relapse of addiction issues, eating disorders, perfectionism, workaholism and increase in suicidal ideation, attempts and completion.

Crisis Management Expert, Lisa Dinhofer, will share in-depth insights into the mental health outcomes that are affecting businesses of all kinds and provide guidance on how to address this within yours.

You’ll learn about:

  • Changing our language around how we discuss mental health and why this issue is a leadership imperative
  • The behavioral and psychological outcomes of chronic 'crisis fatigue’
  • Straight talk about Burnout; it's time to get serious about this ‘other’ epidemic
  • Psychological safety needs in the workplace and the larger community
  • Survival mode: the uptick in anxiety, panic attacks, depression, workaholism, perfectionism, eating disorders, addiction relapse and newly formed addictions
  • Digital fatigue is really a thing; why we’re turning our cameras off
  • The tsunami of grief from COVID and other non-death losses facing individuals and the workplace
  • Overcoming discomfort around acknowledging someone’s loss
  • Recognizing distress in others and initiating a conversation
  • The importance of social capital in maintaining morale and team mental well-being
  • Looking forward: aftermath

We’re inviting attendees to submit questions in advance for Lisa to incorporate into her comments and in the live chat box during the presentation.

About the Presenter(s)

 Lisa  Dinhofer

Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT works with subject matter and circumstances most people turn away from. She mentors companies past traumatic and destabilizing events, workplace abuse and crisis communications to regain stability, establish a new normal and build resilience.

Founder and President, Koden Consulting Services, LLC
What Business Owners MUST Know About the Mental Health Outcomes from COVID