Meet Our Mentors

SCORE is comprised of volunteers who have had successful careers as professionals, executives and business owners. Volunteers will meet with you individually to define and analyze your needs, then develop solutions.

Find a mentor with the expertise that you’re looking for and schedule a free appointment at your convenience.

Our Expertise

  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Business Acquisition
  • Business Finance/Accounting
  • Business Operations
  • Business Start Up
  • Business Strategy/Planning
  • Clothing/Apparel
  • Construction
  • Consulting, Research & Business Services
  • Consumer Products, Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Customer Relations
  • Educational Services
  • Employee Relations
  • Franchising
  • Fund Raising
  • Government Contracting
  • Grants
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources & Internal Communications
  • Imports/Exports
  • Insurance
  • International Trade
  • Legal Issues
  • Logistics
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Marketing Advertising & Creative Services
  • Marketing/ Public Relations
  • Media & Communications
  • Non-Profits
  • Online Mentoring
  • Patents/Copyrights/Intellectual Properties
  • Professional Services Businesses
  • Public & Professional Organizations
  • Real Estate Leasing/Site Acquisition
  • Real Estate, Rental Services & Leasing
  • Restaurants/Hospitality
  • Retail & Wholesale Trade
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Technical & Scientific Services
  • Technology & IT Services
  • Technology & Web Based Services

Juan Modesto - Location: Palm Desert

Career Summary: Sixteen years’ experience leading teams in manufacturing, payroll, IT, retail, hospitality and food service.  Experience includes small business consulting.  Started businesses from the ground up and have also been very involved with HR, training and development.

My commitment to “YOU” as a SCORE mentor, is to ensure the most effective guidance, so your business can prosper and you as a business owner can achieve the American Dream.  My aim is to provide guidance, but also focus around your learning and development as a business owner.

Education:  Master’s in Business Administration, Bachelor’s in Business Management, Associates Degree in Computer Network and Doctor of Management – Organizational Leadership (Attending)

Con mas de 15 años de experiencia en administracion de empresas, estoy aqui para ayudarle en iniciar su negocio, crecer su negicio, finanzas y todo lo referiente en el negocio! No espere as una cita conmigo hoy!

Expertise: Business Acquisition, Business Finance and Accounting, Business Operations, Business Strategy and Planning, Clothing and Apparel, Consulting, Research and Business Services, Educational Services, Employee Relations, Human Resources and Internal Communications, Logistics, Logistics and Warehousing, Marketing Advertising and Creative Services, Marketing/Public Relations, Non-Profits, Public and Professional Organizations, Restaurants/ Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale Trade, Sales, Technology and IT Services, Technology and Web Based Services

John Harris - Location: Palm Desert

Career Summary: Spent over 30 years in the banking industry, primarily as a Regional Manager overseeing teams of commercial lenders providing business loans and other banking services.  Specialized in trade finance (providing services to importers/exporters).  Managed business development and marketing programs.  Background in accounting and financial analysis,  

Education:  Bachelors of Arts Degree in Philosophy from University of California, Santa Barbara.  Accounting and Financial Analysis classes/seminars.  Commercial Lending classes/seminars.

Expertise: Banking and Financial Services, Business Acquisition, Business Finance and Accounting, Business Strategy and Planning, Fund Raising, Imports/ Exports, International Trade, Marketing/Public Relations, Real Estate/Leasing/Site Acquisition, Sales

Jean Hussey - Primarily Online Mentor

Career Summary: Proficient in turnaround and managing small business. Expert in inventory management, financial control, and operating profitability. Trained and worked at Abraham and Strauss Department Store, trouble-shooting various kids, ready-to-wear, and accessories areas. As V.P. then President of Operations the Hot Sox Co., later the Polo/Ralph Lauren hosiery licensee, had an additional 30 years of experience as a results-driven executive leader. Duties included establishing controls for buying, inventory, and for expenses, negotiating costs with and overseeing 30 mills worldwide, and coordinating with Design, Sales, Accounts Payable/Receivables, and Marketing, as well as supervising the warehouse. Resolved business problems throughout this 30 year career, which also included costing and pricing, off-price sales, merchandising, customer service, shipping, and financing.   

Education: B.A. from Duke University.

Expertise: Business Finance and Accounting, Business Operations, Business startup, Business Strategy and Planning, Consulting, Research and Business Services, Employee Relations, Logistics, Manufacturing and Product Development, Online Mentoring, Retail and Wholesale Trade, Sales, Supply Chain Management

Bonnie Nan Fine Location:  Palm Desert

Career Summary: Over forty years’ experience as senior partner in a law firm.  Familiar with business startup and the problems faced by small businesses as they progress. I am familiar with the legal, financial and emotional issues involved.  Strong background in employment issues, policies and procedures.  Well versed in the issues of employment manuals and various rules and regulations involved in anti-discriminatory practices; Americans with Disabilities Act ramifications and other employment issues.  Able to assist in licensing, interaction of business with governmental entities and similar topics.  Have assisted in presentation of businesses to banks and industry groups. I am anxious to lend support to others in forming and pursuing their entrepreneurial goals. 

Education:  Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from UCLA; Law Degree from USC.

Expertise:  Business Acquisition; Business Finance/Accounting; Business Operations; Business Startup; Government Contracting; Health Care; Insurance; Legal Issues; Manufacturing & Product Development; Patents/Copyrights/Intellectual Properties; Real Estate Leasing/Site Acquisition; Real Estate, Rental Services & Leasing; Restaurant/Hospitality; Retail & Wholesale Trade

Steve Baker – Location: Palm Desert

Career Summary: My background is in sports management and marketing, and non-profit management.  I consider myself a business generalist who can assist business owners with all aspects of their business.  As a college professor I taught entrepreneurship, economics and international business.

Education:  MS in Finance, University of Denver, MBA, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University

Industry Experience:  Sports, Insurance, Financial Services

Expertise:  Business Operations, Business Strategy/Planning, Business Startup, Employee Relations, Fund Raising, Human Resources and Internal Communications, Insurance, Marketing Advertising and Creative Services, Market/Public Relations, Media and Communications, Non-Profits.

Liz Hauer – Location: Palm Desert

Career Summary: I have 30+ years of experience as a senior leader in the retail industry, with positions at Macy’s, Duty Free Shops Hong Kong, Gap, Old Navy, and Forever 21.  I am passionate about retail and can provide guidance on most aspects of retail to help clients manage a successful and profitable retail business. As an inventory management expert, I am able to assist clients in deciding strategies for buying and assortment strategy, and then managing this inventory for maximum return on investment. I have managed teams of 100+ people so I am able to assist with human resource questions including how to hire, train and retain team members. I have always been extremely focused on customer service so can also provide guidance on how to attract and grow a loyal customer following. 

Expertise:  Business Operations, Business Strategy/Planning, Business Startup, Clothing/Apparel, Employee Relations, Human resources and Internal Communications, Manufacturing and Product Development, Marketing/Public Relations, Retail and Wholesale Trade, Sales.

Gregg Arends – Location: Palm Springs

Career Summary:Twenty-nine years of consumer marketing experience to help you establish and/or grow your business.  He has successfully established and grown brands while in senior marketing positions with startups to Fortune 500 Companies, including Jim Beam, Con Agra, Hansen Beverage and Omnicom.   He currently works part time as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Cal Poly Pomona where is teaches undergrad and MBA classes.  Gregg can help you identify business opportunities, develop and launch new products and services, establish marketing communications and advertising strategies and profitably expand your brand. 

Education:  MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University

Expertise:  Business Strategy/Planning; Consulting, Research and Business Services; Consumer Products, Manufacturing and Distribution; Educational Services; International Trade; Manufacturing and Product Development; Marketing Advertising & Creative Services; Marketing/Public Relations; Media and Communications; Online Mentoring; Retail and Wholesale Trade; Sales

Loren Liesemeyer – Location Palm Desert

Career Summary:  I can help you in the areas of Finance and Banking, developing and implementing a business plan along with a sales and marketing strategy. I was in the wealth management business for 32 years. I worked with business owners, professionals, and individuals, advising clients in the areas of cash flow analysis, tax strategies, risk management, strategic planning, and sales and marketing plan implementation.

Expertise:  Banking/Financial Services; Business Finance/Accounting; Business Operations; Business Strategy/Planning; Business Startup; Consulting, Research and Business Solutions; Insurance; Marketing Advertising and Creative Services; Marketing/Public Relations; Real Estate, Rental Services and Leasing; Sales

Brian Wachs – Location:  Palm Desert

Career Summary:  I have been a CPA since 1975. I have advanced through the ranks to Partner in several of the largest accounting firms in the world.  I have also worked as a CFO in private industry for a small business, where I had hands on experience, dealing with day to day problems.  I have taught accounting and taxation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I possess a master’s degree in taxation.

I spent the most recent part of my career acquiring and managing my own CPA firm here in the Coachella Valley. Over the last 15 years, I have broadened my experience. In addition to the technical challenges of the profession and client relations, I was involved with human resources, marketing and management. Having all small business clients, I have helped them over the years in a myriad of ways, including tax planning, budgeting, cash flow analysis, and understanding accounting reporting as a planning tool.

Education:  B.A. California State College at Fullerton -1973; M.S. in Taxation Golden Gate University -1982

Expertise:  Business Acquisition; Business Finance/Accounting/Tax; Business Strategy/Planning; Consulting Research and Business Services; Construction; Fund Raising; Non-Profits; Professional Services Businesses; Real Estate Rental Services and Leasing.

Ron Stirpe – Location:  Palm Desert

Career Summary:  I am an action-oriented sales/marketing executive with 30+ years creating innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ customer focus initiatives for startups, turnarounds, and high growth companies with emphasis on e-marketing strategies.  Sixteen years as a Professor of Marketing and Management with the University of Phoenix.

Education:  B.S. in Business Administration from State University of New York at Albany, MBA from Pepperdine University

Expertise:  Business Operations; Business Strategy and Planning, Manufacturing and Product Development; Marketing and Public Relations; Non-Profit; Sales; Technology and IT Services, Business Plans/Start Up Assistance, Consulting, Research & Business Services, Marketing Advertising & Creative Services, Media & Communications

Panayot “PT” Tomov – Location:  Palm Desert

Career Summary:  The name Panayot Tomov (PT) has become synonymous with Elite Real Estate; Luxury properties and investments all over Greater Palm Springs.  Graduating with an International Business and Global Marketing Degree at one of the best universities in California has set an exceptional standard and an incredibly innovative business approach.  Saying “yes” to strategic market placement, evaluation and creative global marking.  As an acknowledged business owner, Tomov has managed his family business successfully over the timeframe of 10 years.  He’s helped to increase their assets substantially and establishing a successful model for the future.  His “new-comer approach” combined with an “old-timer” mentality creates an atmosphere for success from the get-go.  Passion, involvement, curiosity, and diligence are some of the ingredients that Tomov believes make a business owner successful.

Education:  International Business and Global Marketing Undergraduate Degree, Cal Poly Pomona

Expertise:  Business Finance and Accounting; Business Operations; Business Operations; Business Strategy/Planning; Marketing and Public Relations; Sales

Abby Winston – Location:  Palm Desert

Career Summary:  I have over 35 years of accounting, finance, and operations experience. Having organized and lead finance and operations in a variety of industries. My career experiences include work in private industry from import/export and manufacturing to entertainment and service industries. I also have experience with small local grant funded and nation publicly funded nonprofits as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer.

Education:  Business administration and finance degree from the University of Arizona.

Expertise:  Business Finance/Accounting; Business Operations; Business Strategy/Planning; Business Startup; Human Resources and Internal Communications; Non-Profits; Professional Services Businesses; Technical and Scientific Services.

Paula Acosta – Location:  Palm Desert           

Career Summary:  I believe in the value and wisdom of mentoring as a natural part of passing on information that helps people pursue their own goals for providing service to the community. The mentor and the mentee benefit from learning from each other as goals are set and achieved. I have 30+ years' experience in the public health area and human services arena – California state government, education, the arts, and local non-profits. I've helped grant application teams efforts and project teams reach their goals. I specialize in innovation and new ways of doing business within State, federal and local requirements and funding.  It's time for me to lend a hand to people on the front line of community growth and enrichment. Organizations lead by under-represented groups in business and veterans are of special interest to me.

Education:  B.A. plus 5th year graduate work in Education, Arts and Humanities, California State University at Fresno

Expertise:  Government Regulations and Contracting; Non-Profit; Grants; Government Funding; Educational Services; Health Care and Social Assistance; Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Kevin Kellerman – Location: Palm Desert

Career Summary: I owned my own service business for over thirty years, and would like to share my experience and knowledge with others. SCORE has an amazing reputation for mentoring both small business owners and those people considering going into business. My company included consulting within the Automotive Industry. We provided teaching workshops in starting a business, complying with State and local regulations, compliance issues, marketing, and methods for growth and development. My dealership education program was a first of its kind in California, setting the standard for success through education. After retiring from that industry, I entered the world of real estate, aiding buyers and sellers in the residential market. My years of experience made the transition much easier and within a short period of time, I was training others using basic business skills. It is extremely satisfying mentoring others, helping people use their full potential and enjoying their own success.

Education: UCLA Bachelor of Arts

Expertise: Educational Services; Real Estate, rental and leasing; Business planning and Startup assistance; Marketing and customer relations; Public Relations, Sales, and Strategy and Planning.