Why do young people go to college? The straightforward question was posed to 11,113 high school students and 2,960 parents by The Princeton Review in 2021. For 43% of respondents, the answer was “getting a better job with higher income”, while only 25% correlated college with “education."

Meanwhile, more studies show that 72% of high schoolers plan to start their own business one day, with 61% being specific about becoming entrepreneurs “right after college”. Turns out, the Princeton survey should’ve had one more checkmark: college as a pathway to entrepreneurship. But if so, do you really have to wait till graduation — or long after, to start a business?

We talked with several young and brilliant entrepreneurs who combined a degree with a budding business to discover what collegepreneruship is all about.

Here are the personal stories and tips on how to become your own boss — sooner rather than later!

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