The global market for tea bags and loose-leaf tea is $200 billion, according to Statista, which provides industry data. The industry is forecasted to grow to $318 billion by 2025.

Tea is the center of Sashee Chandran's family gatherings. "It's a beverage that connects me to my culture," she said. Her mother is a Chinese immigrant and her father is from Sri Lanka. "Both of these countries have been the largest producers and exporters of tea at certain points in time." It's not just the tea's taste. It is the experience of drinking it. "When tea is served, people open up and have a more honest conversation," she said.

For Chandran, only loose-leaf tea will do. "It has a vastly superior taste," she said. What started as an idea for a small business has grown into a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company raising venture capital to achieve its growth potential.

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