Starting a successful small business looks very different depending on whether you open in a large city or a small town. Entrepreneurs in small towns may benefit from less competition and enjoy lower costs of living and real estate than in urban areas, according to SCORE. A small-town business may also be more visible than one in a big city, and it can provide a unique opportunity to serve a collective need.

On the flip side, any competitors that do exist compete for a smaller pool of customers — plus, depending on the town’s size, there may not be enough demand to make a business profitable. Before you start your business plan, it’s important to research whether your small-town business idea is a good fit for the area.

While not every small business idea is right for all towns, certain types of businesses tend to do well in smaller towns or be in demand in locations of all sizes. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit but aren’t sure how best to channel it, consider these ideas to start a small business.